Looking to future-proof your (nbn) skills?

Posted: 23rd Aug

nbn has launched the nbn™ New Developments training program to ensure new development designs and installations are built right first time, fast-tracking the certification process and getting works underway sooner. The goal is to deliver best practice training for nbn™ access network design and construction activities in Australia.

The program trains participants on the design and installation standards of the nbn™ Multi Technology Mix (MTM), including:

  • Pit and Pipe Design
  • MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) Pathway Design
  • Pit and Pipe Install.

nbn encourages all professionals designing or installing for nbn™ New Developments to consider completing the training. nbn also encourage all developers to use its list of trained suppliers for their nbn projects.

To register or find a trained supplier visit www.nbn.com.au/newdevstraining.

Benefits of the program

  • Fast-track reviews and approvals:  Faster certification (Practical Completion Certificate – PCC) of installations and sample review of designs by nbn™ trained suppliers.*
  • Avoid fees for design reviews and inspections: No fees for design reviews and pit and pipe inspections for developers when using an nbn™ trained supplier.
  • Stand out as an nbn™ trained supplier: Trained professionals and current business will appear on the nbn™ trained supplier list.

*Self-certification and sample design review benefits are intended to come into effect as of December 2018.

Format of training:

  • Training modules available:Pit and Pipe Design, Pit and Pipe Installation, Pathway Design.
  • Costs:$500 per individual, covers three0year licence and all modules.
  • Format:Designs courses are conducted online. Installation course is conducted online, with an in person assessment.

To enquire whether the nbn™ New Developments training program is right for you, contact newdevstraining@nbnco.com.au