Projections confirm construction, health care and transport will deliver future jobs growth for Logan

Posted: 15th Nov

Employment projections by the Australian Government for the next five years have confirmed the City of Logan can expect the greatest jobs growth to occur in the construction, health care and transport sectors.

Each year, the Department of Employment produces employment projections by industry, occupation, skill level and region for the next five-year period – in this case, up to May 2022.

The 2017 projections are based on June 2017 Labour Force Survey data for total employment, the May 2017 Labour Force Survey quarterly employment data, and the total employment forecasts and projections published in the 2017-18 Budget.

In all, Logan can expect almost 8,000 new jobs in the next five years.

Based on the data, construction will clearly be the highest jobs growth sector in the City of Logan, with an expected 18% increase, or around 2,500 jobs.

Health care and social assistance will increase in Logan by 10.1%, or around 1,300 jobs. The increase in the transport, postal warehousing is the same: around 1,300 jobs (up 11.5% from current levels).

In addition in Logan, the projections indicate an increase in public administration and safety (government jobs) by around 900 positions, and around 800 extra jobs in education and training.

These trends align with recent projections by both Logan City Council and the Queensland Government, and are also reflected in the type and frequency of jobs listed on

The projections provide clear guidance for jobseekers – particularly those in their final years of school – on where local jobs are most likely be in coming years.

View the Australian Government Department of Employment 2017 Employment Projections: