Trading hours reforms expected to lead to new jobs

Posted: 23rd Aug

Changes to trading hours are expected to create up to 1,000 new jobs in the retail sector in South East Queensland.

The changes, passed by State Parliament this week, are part of a reform package to address longstanding anomalies affecting retail trade.

Less restrictive hours will now not only mean shoppers will enjoy more choice, flexibility and convenience, but also potentially create more retail jobs.

Reforms to the Trading (Allowable Hours) Amendment Bill 2017 include:

  • Trading hours for large non-exempt shops are 7am to 9pm Monday to Saturday in South East Queensland.
  • Trading hours for non-exempt shops on Sunday and most public holidays, other than in the defined tourist areas, will be standardised across Queensland from 9am to 6pm.
  • Public holidays treated as closed days for all non-exempt shops across Queensland are Good Friday, Anzac Day, Labour Day and Christmas Day.
  • Trading hours’ restrictions for butcher shops, special exhibitions and trade shows are removed.
  • All hardware stores can open from 6am, seven days a week.
  • Extended trading hours apply in the period leading up to Christmas for non-exempt shops in all areas of the state, with trading to close from 6pm on Christmas Eve to allow retail workers to go home and be with their families and friends.
  • Independent retail shops can employ more staff without being subject to the trading restrictions of non-exempt shops, by increasing the employment threshold from 20 to 30 employees at any one time on the floor, and from 60 to 100 where a number of related shops are operated.
  • Motor vehicle and caravan retailers retain their existing trading hours’ arrangements.
  • Protections for retail workers make it an offence for an employer to require an employee to work the extended trading hours unless the employee has freely elected to do so.
  • A review of the new trading hours’ arrangements will be completed prior to the end of the moratorium period.

You can read the full Queensland Government media release here.

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