Sticking Together to help young jobseekers in Logan

Posted: 29th Jun

Young people in Logan will soon have the chance to receive one-on-one mentoring through a new Queensland Government initiative called Sticking Together.

The pilot initiative will help young jobseekers and recently employed young workers in Logan gain and retain employment.

The program is set to start in early November and will see 90 jobseekers in Logan, Cairns and Townsville receive mentoring and support for the first 60 weeks of employment.

The aim of the program is to work with long-term unemployed young people to build their skills, confidence and resilience to help them manage work-place situations and retain long-term employment.

The coaches will also work with employers to help them deal with situations that can lead to the break down of an employment relationship.

Sticking Together will be delivered by not-for-profit organisation SYC, which is currently running the pilot in South Australia and Victoria, where great outcomes are being achieved for these young participants.

More details will be available in coming months. In the meantime, you can find out more about SYC here.