Cook/allrounder At A Japanese Restaurant In Southside Of Brisbane

Private Company

Rochedale South, QLD

Posted 1/19/2020

A popular Japanese takeaway/casual dining restaurant in Rochedale South (southside of Brisbane) is looking for a proactive individual who is passionate about cooking and Japanese culture to join our small team. ****** Please read the following conditions carefully: Must be passionate about commercial cooking and Japanese culture. An Australian citizen or permanent resident preferred. A non-fulltime-student preferred. Having a vehicle that you can drive at your own will is very important for our location. Part time position (app 20hrs/week) ****** You are expected to be an all-rounder willing to do the followings: Cooking menu items Food preparation Serving customersWashing utensils Cleaning premises Setup and pack up tables, chairs and other furniture Receiving stock Managing food quality standards and safety and other tasks to ensure the smooth running of a restaurant (including heavy lifting). ***** Use one of the application forms downloadable at the links below and attach it to your online application. PLEASE DO NOT USE your own format to help us see all the candidates' strengths in a fair manner. English Japanese ***** Only the applicants who have successfully proceeded to an interview are to be contacted. Thank you :-)

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